Sets Guinness World Record(r) For World’s Greatest Ever Jackpot Payout

On-line organization has been honored a Guinness World Record for the largest ever jackpot payout in an on line slot machines online online game. The blessed winner is a young male college student who received ?11,736,375 (?10,272,600, $15,844,900).

The official report entry inside the Guinness World Records reads: “The largest jackpot payout in an website slots game is ?11,736,375, won by a gambler on on the ‘Mega Fortune’ game paid out to a confidential gambler in Norway, on 24 September 2011.”

When got in contact with, the winner, who’s from the local community of Hordaland in Norway mentioned that he decided to go home after having a night out, saw a movie and enjoyed an a set of online games on as he could not sleep. The decision to play on the internet made him 11.7 million euros richer. Obviously, it did not help him get some sleep, and he admitted that he remained up up to 06:00 as a result of shock. As to his prize money, the guy pointed out, “I really need to try relax before even thinking of exactly what I’ll do with the money!”

The game that netted him the important prize is the aptly named ‘Mega Fortune’, a slot machine game that offers an incredible and very appealing jackpot.

Henrik Persson, the CEO of ComeOn, said that though he had never expected that his firm would be given the honor a Guinness Globe Record, he couldn’t imagine a better record for ComeOn to be given the honor. He was quoted saying, “Breaking the record for a pay out to a gambler is the best way to demonstrate to folks that not only will you win big when playing on, but also shows that this is exactly what ComeOn is about. We all guarantee that our players can be really well rewarded whenever they win. This is just what makes all of them coming back to our games.”

Meanwhile, Huw Thomas, the Head of revealed that although the Guinness Globe Records was a bit of a surprise even to him, it wasn’t solely unforeseen. He stated “Creating winners is what is all about. To be honored a Guinness World Record is a fantastic accolade for the website and guaranteed stamp of acceptance that we hold the biggest on-line jackpots and confirmed payouts – regardless of how big they are!”


Jackpot Success Interview

The greatest jackpot payout in an online slots game is ?11,736,375 (?10,272,600, $15,844,900), won by a player on on the ‘Mega Fortune’ game paid to an anonymous player in Norway, on 24 September 2011.”

When approached, the winner, a student from the community of Hordaland in Norway, stated that he went home after a night out, viewed a movie and played a couple of games on simply because he couldn’t sleep. By early morning, he was 11.7 million euros richer.

We caught up with the lucky winner to determine how issues have been going for him because September. We’re pleased to see that he is as well as ever, and is talking about purchasing a brand new head set. Hearing this, his brother laughs and says that humour is nonetheless intact inside the family. The victorious one procedes to say that maybe, just maybe, he’ll think about purchasing himself a
Spotify Premium subscription as well.

The winner of the huge jackpot tells us that he had some busy weeks following the win, but that most issues are back to regular in the moment. “I had an intense exam period, but I hope and think I did well.”

Following his large win on Mega Fortune, the young winner received financial guidance as well as other practical suggestions from the betting business

“I?ve been to Malta and I saw the way the ComeOn team operates, so they’ve been really helpful.”

We met the victorious one in Bergen on an additional rainy day and we joked about how the west price of Norway will be the new “Verdal”, as ComeOn has paid out jackpots amounting to nearly 150 million in just under two years to that area. Our winner stated “Maybe the climate will be the explanation. When the climate is really bad like this, you don?t have that many choices besides being inside together with your computer.”

The lucky pc on which he made the win has now been replaced having a new Computer, and also the jackpot winner desires to have the ability to relax in the future, without the media. “There have been a lot of inquiries, both from the banks and also the media, but I don?t plan to show up within the media. This may be the last interview about the prize and all the money, and I hope that the media and other people will respect that.”

Throughout our 2 hour talk we spoke about some things he wants to complete in autumn, but there aren’t numerous large upcoming events for the millionaire who after all is just in his 20?s.
He has never seen Liverpool play live, so he’s thinking about taking a trip to Anfield.

The record breaking winner says that he had problems sleeping the very first week following the huge jackpot win. Very understandable obviously.

This prize will be the most a Norwegian has ever won in a bet/game – and also the biggest ever online win. In typical understated fashion, our winner says “It?s good to have that title, and to be in the Guinness globe record book!”